The misery continues for prospective PS5 buyers as another limited drop of Best Buy PS5 consoles dries up. The retailer was the only one to have a PS5 restock this week, after a busy end of May, with the in-demand console selling out at GameStop, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Apple's much anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 7, at 10 a.m. PDT. The 32nd event will be an all-digital live stream running through to June 11. The conference is expected to run along the same lines as last year's event.

Microsoft has accelerated its industry cloud strategy in a $16 billion deal to buy leading cloud communications platform, Nuance. In an all-cash transaction, the Redmond giant will acquire all of the outstanding stock for 56 dollars a share.

After only a month since going live, former President Donald Trump has called time on his blog. Trump's senior aide, Jason Miller said the blog has been shut down and will not be returning.

The list includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Koo, Sharechat, and Telegram. All giants of the social media world, who have agreed to fully or partially implement the Indian government's new IT rules concerning digital media ethics.

Crash test dummies need to gain as much as 100Ibs, experts believe, in order for them to more accurately reflect the average American. As a sign of the times, the dummies, originally developed in the 1970s, no longer reflect the average body size.

Twitter announced in a blog post on Thursday that they are to launch an online tool to allow users to report personal data breaches. The initiative aims to combat online harassment and comes at a time when online safety is very much in the limelight.

Researchers have picked up strange, unexpected signals from deep space that could point to the existence of dark matter.

At least 12 dietary supplements sold in the United States were found to contain stimulants that were never been tested on humans, a study reveals.

Conspiracy theorists say that the Rosetta mission, the European Space Agency’s long, expensive and historic trip to rendezvous with and place an unmanned landing craft Comet 67P, was actually launched in order to investigate the possibility that the comet is an extraterrestrial spacecraft of some kind.