A new system for selecting and automatically classifying oceanic images taken via satellite has been developed by researchers of the University of Almeria (Spain), in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

According to climate change skeptics colder winters are often associated to global warming. Colder weather that is being experienced in some areas of globe is a sign of global warming that is, as previously thought, not happening in reality.

The man who fatally shot two California law enforcement officers and wounding two others during a shooting spree on Friday was deported twice to Mexico in the past, federal officials said Saturday.

When the pharmacist John Pemberton Coca-Cola patented 128 years ago did it as medicine. I thought this syrup would the healing properties of the coca plant and lengthen life.

The Swedish Lockne crater, 7.5 km wide and Målingen, about 0.7 km, were caused both by the shock of a double asteroid, an object made up of about 600 m and a smaller 150 m.

Researchers have recently found a way of turning stems cells into the killers of the brain cancer. Scientists from Harvard Medical School conducted experiments on mice. The stem cells were engineered genetically to produce toxins that kill brain cancer cells.

October is cancer month, but it is only a coincidence that experts at Harvard Medical School have come up with a way to combat brain cancer. The scientists have discovered a way of converting stem cells into lethal weapons to fight against brain cancer. This discovery was made during an experiment working with mice.

Scientists from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) have reported this week in the journal Science the first experimental evidence of the migration of ultrafast charge (electron dynamics at attosecond scale) in a molecule of biological interest: the amino acid phenylalanine.

The current performance of the Eurozone has drawn mixed reactions from the public and investors in general. Others are arguing that the euro crisis is back and others say that it never really went away.

Microbrachius dicki is the first-known animal to start having sex as a way of reproducing instead of spawning according to an international team of researchers. The ancient fish was believed to have lived in Scotland’s ancient lakes about 385 million years ago. It was bony and was about 8 cm long.