Two Sierra Leone doctors died of Ebola virus in just a single day, reports say on Friday. Health authorities in the country have yet to release statement about the latest fatalities.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says middle aged women are more prone to depression yet majority are not seeking help. According to the report, one in every eight middle aged women suffers from depression.

When the Tissint meteorite landed on Earth in July of 2011, the piece of the Red Planet has been rumored to hold secrets of the proof of ancient life on Mars.

Well, after a long time we have good news for the people of California. Storms, full of wet, are moving on across Northern California and it is likely they will bring some rainfall for the state patching up the gap left by drought. Forecasters say that though the rains will compensate for the loss, it will hardly make up for the big loss inflicted by a three-year drought.

Every year, thousands of Kemp’s ridley sea turtles make their way up the Eastern seaboard this summer, but not all of them made it back as the cold weather came. The Florida Aquarium had to take in 10 turtle victims of what is known as “cold stunning”, a hypothermic reaction to prolonged cold water temperatures and its often fatal.

The Adirondack State Park in upstate New York has a raft of legal protections to keep the mountainous forests wild and free – yet climate change could harm the Adirondacks just as easily as it could anywhere else.

A lone gray wolf that has been roaming Arizona for the past few months, just north of the Grand Canyon, has just been confirmed to being a long way from his home, which is in the northern Rockies. The confirmation was made with a DNA test. The wolf is protected under the Endangered Species Act and it is the first known gray wolf to visit Arizona in 70 years or so.

aaNew wonder material graphene could revolutionize the zero-emissions vehicle industry as researchers discover that the substance could be adapted into technology that can provide better hydrogen fuel cells.

About more than 1,600 workers assemble at Walmart locations across the United States on Black Friday calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour pay and more consistent full-time work.

Commercial companies Japan Manned Spacce Systems and Spaceflight have joined forces with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency on a new CubeSat project for JAXA’s upcoming Astro-H mission.