In 1963, a rare stonefly species was discovered along the mountain streams at Glacier National Park. Baumann & Gaufin named the species as the western glacier stonefly (Zapada glacier) in 1971.

A ship that was lost underwater for 60 or so years has been discovered once again in the oceans of the Hawaiian island by the name of Oahu. The shipwreck was first discovered last year by a small vehicle that was submersible underwater.

It has taken twelve years of calculations, simulations, construction and testing to get to the launch of the second version of Solar Impulse, the only aircraft prepared to travel around the world with solar energy.

According to a new report, a new Arizona policy will soon ban smokers from working within the state. The Pima County Board is scheduled to vote on December 16 whether they will refuse hiring smokers.

Edward Snowden, for the first time, has revealed that the National Security Agency is capable of tapping into most cellular networks across the world. They take advantage of flaws in the security systems that they have discovered covertly.

A text messaging service could help people remember to take the pills that they have been prescribed, a new study says.

After a 44 year mission that saw it sailing almost 1.4 million miles – and crossing the equator 43 times - the R/V Knorr, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s venerable research ship, has been retired with full honors.

In a statement issued to his staff Chief Executive Officer Michael Lynton said that security advisors of Sony Pictures Entertainment believe the cyberattack was designed by an organized group.

A texting service could help individuals recollect taking the pharmaceuticals they have been endorsed, say scientists. A test plan, which included heart patients, cut the numbers who overlooked or recently quit taking their pills.

MetaMind, a tech startup founded by Richard Socher and Sven Strohband, announced Friday that it has raised $8 million for “deep learning” artificial intelligence research and development.