Kickstarter has chosen to suspend the Anonabox campaign as controversy surrounds the supposed product. Anonabox planned to provide users an easy way to encrypt their internet traffic with a small device that would use the Tor service to provide for anonymity.

Global cloud computing Salesforce is offering $1 million in prizes for a Hackathon to kick off its new Dreamforce event next week.

Inspired from sidewinders snakes, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University and Zoo Atlanta got together and designed a robotic snake that can actually slide and move on various terrains without obstructions.

GT Advanced Technologies, the company contracted to provide Apple with the sapphire display for the upcoming Apple Watch, has announced it will be cutting 890 job positions.

While the Japanese electronics giant has proven reticent to provide sufficient support for its American market division, Sony has changed its tune: the newest version of its SmartWatch line of wearable technology will be available through Verizon in the United States.

The remains of an ancient Greek ship known as the Antikythera wreck have been revisited, with new treasures being brought back to the surface after more than two millennia underwater.

While our space programs are in many manners in their own infancy in regards to intergalactic quest, NASA scientists are taking a look at methods to send manned aircraft further than we have ever gone to Mars.

On Wednesday night the Australian skies will witness a blood red moon during a complete lunar eclipse. This is a rare case no doubt as this kind of astronomical event has occurred just a few times over the past 5 centuries.

Global hunger statistics indicate that India is 55th in the Global Hunger Index. This increase owes largely to the fact that significant improvements have been made in addressing malnutrition in children.

The University of Alabama is to receive a circa $15,000 grant from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency to study the effectiveness of ultraviolet LED lights in killing waterborne pathogens.