8 CleanMyMac Alternatives to Consider

Cleaning your Mac is significantly important as a lot of caches and junk files can slow down its performance. When looking to clean the Mac, CleanMyMac is the user's first preference as it frees up the purgeable space effortlessly.
Clean My Mac

Cleaning your Mac is significantly important as a lot of caches and junk files can slow down its performance. When looking to clean the Mac, CleanMyMac is the user’s first preference as it frees up the purgeable space effortlessly. 

The app improves the system performance by scanning every inch of the system and cleaning the MacBook. But, its certain drawbacks lead to using the best CleanMyMac alternatives as listed below.

Why Do You Need Cleaning App Alternatives?

CleanMyMac quickly finds the hidden junk files and diagnoses Mac’s performance. But, its free trial period is quite short, and subscriptions are highly expensive. The free version has so many restrictions. Also, this cleaning tool is not able to locate duplicate files and small junk files.

Even it does not have all the key features to compete with known competitors. If you are looking for an alternative to CleanMyMac and thinking about how to clean my Mac, then you can try any of these apps that are pocket-friendly and have plenty of features.

MacBooster 8 Pro

This is a one-stop cleaning app that optimizes the system performance immensely by improving the Mac hard disk. It deletes up to 20 types of unwanted files and also gets rid of viruses and malware. 

MacBooster 8 Pro scans Mac’s potential viruses and malware to provide real-time system security protection. So, you can enjoy a faster and more secure browsing experience. In case of queries, you can reach their online customer support.


This is a Mac cleaning and optimization app that makes the system run faster by removing unwanted hard disk space. From removing the browser history to deleting unused files, this affordable and easy-to-use app does everything. 

It also alerts users when they are going to download peculiar stuff. But, it is not worth using if you have macOS Monterey. The reason is that it gets frozen on this model due to low scanning speed.


DaisyDisk is another straightforward Mac cleanup app that fully scans MacBook for resource-hungry files. After scanning, it shows a colorful graphical illustration of extremely space-consuming files. 

The app’s best thing is that it scans multiple disks simultaneously. DaisyDisk is a super-fast and safe cleaning tool using which you can easily determine what to delete and when to remove. It takes less than a minute to detect and get rid of unnecessary files.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

If you’re looking for the best alternative, Stellar SpeedUp Mac is worth considering with its 30-day free trial period. It works with advanced algorithms and allows users to schedule Automate Tasks. 

This helps in timely doing several cleanup solutions. Alongside removing unwanted and junk files, it can scan and delete duplicate files, disable login items, and uninstall unnecessary apps.


AppCleaner is another recommended alternative to CleanMyMac that completely removes unwanted applications. This minimal program is specifically designed to uninstall useless apps. 

To use this program, all you have to do is simply drag the application you want to uninstall into AppCleaner. Once you do that, it will fully remove the app and all its residual files. But, it fails to uninstall protected apps and lacks other essential cleaning features.

MacFly Pro

Sharing most similarities with CleanMyMac X, MacFly Pro is ideal for newcomers. This non-invasive software deletes unwanted device files, unused content, and missing user details. 

The Smart Assistant allows users to scan their system and also suggests routinely cleaning based on what it finds. Removing browsing data such as downloads and history is also possible using this app with complete security. But, it has a short-term trial.  


OnyX is a multi-tasking app that performs cleaning tasks and verifies the system file structure. As compared to CleanMyMac, OnyX is equipped with an array of features other than removing the junk files and cleaning up the Mac. 

It efficiently manages the Open Recent command in the app’s File menu. Furthermore, you can use this application to change the default location for screenshots and also change the file formats.  

AVG Tuneup for Mac

This is one of the proficient CleanMyMac alternatives designed to remove temporary files, duplicate files, trash items, poor-quality images, cache files, and more. It effectively works on a strong scan engine that deeply scans and cleans the storage system. 

The duplicate photo cleaner feature allows users to streamline their photo collection. It saves quality time and effort by cleaning the entire mess with just a click. But, it is a bit more expensive and lacks security features.  

The Conclusion

Apple would not suggest third-party cleaning tools. But for effective Mac performance, it is important to use the best alternatives to the widely used Mac cleaning tool – CleanMyMac. The majority of these have free versions and paid subscriptions. 

However, each has some specific pros and cons. So, it is up to you which one you must select. Just ensure that it secures privacy against plugins and also perfectly suits your needs.